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The Strength Of Grass | Portable Garment Steamer, 20 Seconds Fast Ironing Clothes Folds
Mar 31, 2018

Portable Mini Universal Garment Steamer

One-button solution to all clothing issues

How important is the image? Before you have yet to speak, and before the soul has yet to be appreciated, all of you have been roughly judged by the other person.

Even wearing a few thousand Armani shirts, wrinkled and dressed out, the first impression will be greatly reduced, and properly labeled with slovenly margins.

I believe no one wants to wear a crumpled dress, go out to work, appointments, see customers so embarrassed, but many clothes with a washing machine dehydration, will wrinkle, especially shirts, home with an ironing machine is very important.


I used traditional irons and used ironing boards before. I was very troublesome. I always ironed the front, and then I was pleated again. For those who rushed out, it was just a mess. It will be much more convenient.

 Every time he went out in a hurry, it quickly helped me iron the folds. Water is turned on, and steam spurts out in just 20 seconds, that is, it is hot and worn, and the effort of tying a shoelace can make the clothes hot, which is not a waste of time.

Like silk and fur collars, these delicate materials that are not resistant to high temperatures can be used in conjunction with brush heads to isolate high-temperature steam, do not hurt clothing, and provide gentle care.

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