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Ultra-portable Mini Square Hair Dryer High Value And Easy Storage
Mar 31, 2018


At the end of the 19th century, alexandre f. golefoy invented the hair dryer for the first time. Since the invention, there have been two main criteria for measuring the quality of hair dryers: wind power and convenience. However, in today’s consumer era, these two aspects alone seem to have become Not enough, in the face of this problem, the product designer Jiyoun Kim did a great job and made a fascinating conversion of the hair dryer, a common device, which was designed to have a square shape.19de000ab1908c2c2b8d.jpg

Square hair dryer red, white and gray version When designing this square hair dryer, jiyoun kim not only retained the functionality and rationality of the hair dryer, but also developed another decisive feature based on this: the high efficiency of storage when not in use. Specifically, the hair dryer and the foldable handle of this square hair dryer are square, very regular, and even the wire part can be neatly stored in the matching transparent box. The three parts are folded and combined into an entire square, which is very economical. space. Not only that, the designer also designed three different gradient color storage boxes for three different colors of hair dryers, which brought a sculptural sense of refinement to the hair dryer.


This square hair dryer can be opened when used, forming an L-shape

The square hair dryer combined with the matching square wire storage box is very tidy and saves space

Wires are stored in a transparent box matched with a hair dryer. The storage box is available in a variety of colors

Concept sketch - folded square hair dryer


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