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High-quality Polishing Machine Routine Maintenance
Dec 18, 2017

The quality of the polishing machine, the length of life, as well as the way to maintain the life of what are.For most of the long-term exposure of personnel, the understanding is not very complete. Engaged in polishing polishing machine, is the production of furniture industry, and machinery manufacturing industry Very important equipment, the purchase cost is not low, is the first impression of the purchase staff, so we must give full play to maximize the advantages and use value.Secondly, it is also very important to develop effective and reasonable maintenance cycle, according to daily operations The length of time, and the length of the running time and other factors to consider a comprehensive comparison.Non-good polishing machine, running time is too long, do not pay attention to care, it will lead to premature consumption and stability coefficient of each part. , To ensure the cleanliness of the shot blasting machine housing.Each job ends, there will always be pollutants, and only wipe clean to be able to avoid rust and pollution, the above is Xiaobian bring you the message.

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