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Cooling Fan To Use The Nine Major Considerations
Dec 18, 2017

1, Do not touch the blade and the power cord wrapped around the fan or pull the power cord, the axis of movement and the power cord will be damaged;

2, please avoid dust, water droplets, bugs into, and affect the life expectancy and defective products;

3, Do not use flammable gases and any harmful environment;

4, please use within six months, prolonged storage will affect the performance of the fan due to the storage environment;

5, when the fan is running, do not attempt to lock the fan for a particularly long period of time, this will not stop due to continuous stop, generate heat and burn the fan;

6, install the fan, please pay special attention to, due to resonance or vibration noise;

7, when handling or operation, the fan as falling from the height of 60cm, will have some impact on the balance of the leaves, especially ball bearings to avoid falling;

8, the lock shell screw torque 4Kgf; Do not use screwdrivers, iron bars and other objects blocking the fan, the move will damage the fan;

9, please note that the fan will hurt fingers at high speed.

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