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Application Of Cooling Fan In Medical Equipment
Dec 18, 2017

Cooling fans are now widely used, all kinds of production equipment are inseparable from the heat sink cooling effect, I simply below the cooling fan in the field of medical equipment applications related to some knowledge.

The noise problem is a commonplace problem with the use of cooling fans. In use, if you find the cooling fan noise is too large, check the bolts to see if loose. Also check the cooling fan impeller is not loose, many times the noise of the cooling fan and the blades are inextricably linked, so once the cooling fan noise, many users will first think about the cooling fan impeller part .

Medical equipment used in cooling fans, cooling fans are high-frequency electric knife, biochemical instruments, immune instruments, blood coagulation, as well as blood analysis instruments are used.

There is a cooling fan motor does not rotate this kind of problem, if the medical centrifugal fan such a phenomenon, we must first cut off the power and then check if the live inspection is likely to threaten the safety of maintenance personnel, constitute a great safety Hidden troubles, in fact, many failures in the cooling fan as long as it involves the power of the problem, it is necessary to cut off the power to ensure safety.

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