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Is It Good To Use Ironing Machine Or Ironing?
Mar 23, 2018

Good clothes with steam ironing is the best choice. Why do you choose hot clothes to hang clothes, especially good clothes? Study shows that the use of flat iron ironing can easily damage the clothes fabrics, especially for high-grade fabrics (such as hair hardening and aging), and the use of steam hung ironing machine is suspended in the natural The ironing is stopped under the condition and it can be easily ironed under the double action of gravity and high temperature steam (at a temperature of about 98 degrees), and adheres to the best clothing appearance.

Use steam steamer to save time and effort

Only a friend who has used a hung ironing machine can be personally affected. The clothes can be hung on and then they can be ironed. There is no need to bend over and iron, and it is even difficult to handle the shoulder pad, collar, cuffs, etc. It's all done in a moment.

For those who do not understand the use of Garment Steamer, can you find out which brand of Garment Steamer is better? How to choose to use? I believe it will be helpful to you. Use Steam Garment Steamer Steam Clean Steam Garment Steamer Ironing clothes and clothing contact parts (spout outlet parts) far away from the steam source, the use of domestic water due to high temperature dirt will not be like the flat iron or steam ironing brush It's easy to spray on clothes, but it is kept intact in the heating furnace.

Use steam steamer to save trouble

The steam hung ironing machine can load more than 50 pieces of clothes for one time. For modern families who often have clothes and ironing, adding one time of water should be used for one week or more. Flat irons are too small or too large to be frequently used. Add water. At the same time, the steam-hanging ironing machine eliminates the ironing board in daily use, and knows that the ironing board used with the flat iron is very dirty, and it is not used too often and it will be black and dirty. , And access is very inconvenient. The price of steam ironing machine has been reduced to a few hundred dollars from the past when thousands of dollars were introduced into China from overseas in the last century. That is, the price of a linked ironing machine is equivalent to the price of a flat iron at that time. Therefore, the Garment Steamer is also an image tool that has been conditioned only by high-end brand fashion stores. Later, it gradually became a simple product for high-end households to purchase, and then to the current low-profit market period - it is necessary for each fashion store. tool,

Mid-to-high-end home appliances used to replace flatirons and enjoy quality living

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