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The correct way to use a hair dryer
Oct 26, 2018

The correct way to use a hair dryer

Step1: Wrap your hair in a large, thick towel. Then press dry. If there is no dry hair cap, wrap the hair with a towel. When the hair is wet, the scales are open and easy to be damaged. Therefore, absorb the moisture as soon as possible and let the scales close.

Step2: Take care of the tip part, and wrap the damaged hair tip with a towel several times to absorb water. Never use a towel, although it will absorb the moisture of the hair more quickly, but it will damage the open scales.

Step3: Before drying, you can choose the appropriate hair essence according to your own hair requirements and press on the dry hair. Don't use too much at one time, you can start from a small amount.

Step4: For those with long hair, you can learn the hair salon, fix the hair in the upper area, and blow the hair in the lower area first.

Step5: In fact, the shorter the time required to dry the hair, the better. Therefore, use a high-frequency blower to blow the hair at a distance of 15cm in the way of wind movement. In addition, the hair tip should not be blown by hot air, and can be replaced by warm or cold air. .

Step6: Then start to blow the hair in the area, put the hair down, the head is slightly lower, and start to blow forward from the back of the head. The hand without the hair dryer is swiped in the scalp with the word "Z".

Step7: Finally, use the cold wind to close the scales opened by the heat, which can improve the gloss. In addition, you can also use the cold air to shape the shape. If the bangs want to have the curl, you can blow it.

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