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Steam hanging machine advantages
Dec 27, 2018

1, fast and convenient, saving time and effort. The steamer is very fast and convenient. With its quick ironing effect, you can iron a piece of clothing in just a few minutes.

2, save trouble. Steam hanging machine plus one water can iron more than 50 clothes, which is very practical and convenient for users who need more ironing clothes.

3, practical. Studies have shown that it is easy to damage the fabrics by using the flat iron. Many types of steam ironing machines (6 sheets) are especially suitable for high-grade fabrics (such as hard and aging), while the steamer is used for natural suspension. Ironing in the state, it can be easily ironed under the dual action of gravity and high temperature steam (the temperature is around 98 degrees), and maintain the best shape.

4, the price. The price of an ordinary steamer is equivalent to the price of a flat iron at the time. Compared with the traditional electric iron, it is more advantageous in practical aspects. At the same time, we can maintain a quality lifestyle from the details.

5, clean. When the steam ironing machine is ironing, the contact area with the clothes (the air outlet part of the nozzle) is far away from the steam source, and the dirt generated by the high temperature of the tap water will never spray on the clothes like the flat iron, but all remain in the distance. Very far from the bottom of the furnace in the storage compartment.

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