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Precautions for using a hair dryer
Oct 26, 2018

Hair dryer is a kind of dry hair tool that we often use. Whether it is in a barber shop or in our own home, many people now use hair dryer to blow hair, which is especially convenient. In order to enable the hair dryer to be used for drying and shaping, it should be used effectively, correctly and safely, and extend the life of the appliance. Therefore, the following matters should be noted when blowing:

1. When using the hair dryer, the air inlet and outlet must be unobstructed, otherwise it will not reach the effect of use, and will cause overheating and burn the appliance.

2, when used to blow dry hair, the hair outlet of the hair dryer should be separated from the hair by a certain distance (not less than 50mm) to prevent blockage of the tuyere and burnt hair. At the same time, it is important to avoid the leakage of electricity caused by the water vapor generated when the hair is blown, so it is important to maintain a certain distance for safety.

3. The hair dryer must be used under the power supply voltage specified on the nameplate. For a hair dryer with a three-wire power cord, the grounding wire should be properly connected.

4. Before the end of the use of the hair dryer, try to switch the hair dryer from the “hot” position to the “cold” position first, so as to cut off the power supply of the heating element first. Then, the remaining heat of the electric heating element is blown out by the cold air, the internal temperature of the electric hair dryer is lowered, and then all the power sources are cut off. This can slow down the internal insulation of the hair dryer and prolong its service life. It is not easy to burn other objects when placed on the table at the same time.

5, the hair dryer should not be rolled at will, in which the heating elements and motors will be damaged by the mechanical shock, and should not be easily disassembled, so as not to damage the parts. In order to ensure the normal use of the hair dryer, the bearing part of the motor and other rotating parts should be regularly lubricated, but the amount of oil should not be too much, so as to avoid the flow to the coil and cause failure.

6, the hair dryer should not be used for a long time as long as possible, should be used intermittently, so as not to overheat the heating element and motor. The hair dryer should be placed in a dry place when not in use. Do not place it in an open or wet place. If it is not taken out after a long time, the insulation resistance should be checked first. It can be used normally under the requirements to ensure personal safety during use. Due to the dust in the air, although many hair dryers have a protective filter at the air inlet, they do not protect the particles from dust, and not all hair dryers have a filter cloth. For this purpose, dust must be cleaned regularly to prevent blockage of the air duct and damage to components.

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