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Polishing machine's main structure
Dec 18, 2017

In the polishing machine which is more important part of the polishing disc, polishing head, etc., in the use of polishing machine, only the polishing disc is mounted on the polishing machine, polishing agent and polishing it together to complete the work on the polishing disc, its type There are many, when used, according to different requirements to buy different types of polishing discs, play it better role, it can be divided into wool polishing disc, sponge polishing disc, non-wool polishing disc, wool polishing disc is Conventional cutting materials, grinding performance, strong, but the grinding may leave a spin, only suitable for polishing with ordinary paint sponge polishing disc in the use will not leave a spin, can effectively remove Degree of paint defects, to ensure that the surface roughness of the polishing object consistent. Water purification agent company staff said there is a non-wool polishing pad, its performance between the wool and sponge polishing disc, there are also automatic at the bottom Paste, generally can be used for car body paint and transparent lacquer polishing

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