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How to choose a household hair dryer?
Jan 22, 2019

First, the power selection There are many kinds of power in the market, mainly between 200W-2000W, the larger the power of the hair dryer, the air supply will be larger during the use, but at the same time its power consumption is the same It will also increase, and the power of the household hair dryer is generally more comfortable between 700W and 1000W.

Second, the material selection The material of the hair dryer is mainly plastic and metal. The plastic hair dryer is light in weight, low in price and good in insulation, but it is easy to age and not resistant to high temperature during use. When choosing, choose a metal hair dryer because the metal can withstand higher temperatures during use and is more durable.

Third, safety Choosing hair dryer, safety is also an important factor we consider. At the time of purchase, we need to know whether this hair dryer has passed a test by the household appliance inspection department, and there is no product certification. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the appearance of the surface is stained or not.

Fourth, the hair dryer power test When using the hair dryer, its switch must be flexible, and before the purchase to conduct a power-on test, in turn test the hot, cold, stop the stalls on the hair dryer, and then turn the hair dryer shell Round baffle in the rear part.


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