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Don't use the hair dryer like this anymore, it's too dangerous.
Feb 12, 2019

The firefighters prepared a blower with a power of 3,200 watts and the blower had no overheat protection. In the experiment, the firefighter used a towel to cover the fan port at the end of the hair dryer and turned on the hair dryer. In less than a minute, the scene smelled pungent and there was smoke in the hair dryer.

The air inlet of the hair dryer is blocked by the article, causing blockage, resulting in a large amount of heat accumulated inside the hair dryer, and the phenomenon of high temperature, smoke or even fire occurs in the blowing opportunity.

After that, the firefighters continued the experiment, respectively, putting towels and socks on the air outlet of the hair dryer and turning on the hair dryer. As a result, towels and socks were quickly burned.

Firefighters remind everyone that you should try to buy a hair dryer with a thermal protection device; when using a hair dryer, do not block the air outlet. Once the air outlet of the hair dryer is blocked, the heat will be directly scattered on the surrounding combustibles. It is gradually softened by high temperatures and a fire occurs.

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