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Automatic polishing machine What are the unique working characteristics
Dec 18, 2017

1. Adopts a double-group operation procedure, and at the same time, one kind, two kinds or four different kinds of workpieces can be finely polished, and the equipment program can be automatically switched.

2. Using the angle of precision polishing program, through the programming, setting the angle of precision polishing, the workpiece parts of the complex to enhance precision polishing efforts.

3. Using a turntable four-station platform, capable of fine polishing more than 4 pieces of workpieces, fixture is simple, low cost, easy to replace, more suitable for multi-system, multi-species production model.

4. The use of embedded precision polishing method, the workpiece can be a full range of precision polishing.

5. rough throw 300 sand, you can directly throw fine, reducing the rough throwing process and costs.

6. Equipment for a variety of fine polishing metal workpiece (copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel, etc.).

7. Equipment for polishing a variety of shapes of the workpiece (all kinds of faucet shell, handle, hand wheel, pipe, all kinds of decorative pieces).

8. Equipment operation is relatively simple, low operator skill requirements, can improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and save production costs.

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