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Automatic polishing machine two kinds of polishing process introduced
Dec 18, 2017

Automatic polishing machine in accordance with the type of polishing can be divided into rough throwing and fine throwing, respectively, two main processes in the polishing process, the following by Wuxi Hongfan staff to explain the basic content of these two processes:

Automatic polishing machine processing physical properties of objects, according to the data, can be simply divided into: automatic plane polishing machine, spherical automatic polishing machine, surface automatic polishing machine, automatic polishing machine strip, automatic contour polishing machine, rotating body automatic polishing machine, Plastic automatic polishing machine, acrylic automatic polishing machine, etc. There are common models and special models of the difference.

General models and special models is not good distinction. Each with a certain degree of versatility and specialization. Such as plane automatic polishing machine. In the production, if not based on specific objects to do custom. Then you can only polish flat objects. We all know that the object size is different. At the factory, the automatic polishing machine countertops have been fixed. To deal with a variety of objects will be limited. Therefore, engineers in the design, have to consider the versatility of automatic polishing machine. Generally according to the size of the largest object design; Or designed as a multi-function automatic polishing machine.

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