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Automatic polishing machine precautions
Dec 18, 2017

Before polishing, to carefully check the paint surface. According to the paint scratch size, degree of damage, paint thickness, wear resistance and other specific circumstances, choose a different grinding disc and abrasive.

Water-based abrasive can not cover the small flowers, grinding as far as possible so that the grinding plate and the paint surface contact operation. When the abradant appears on the lacquered surface, spray a small amount of water on the lapping plate and grind it.

Oil-based abrasive, can cover the small marks, is not prone to abrasive burnish attached to the surface of the paint, the need for degreasing degreasing after grinding, and then can be done plating, coating products, or plating, coating can not Very good adhesion to the paint surface, easy to be cleaned.

Scratch paint relatively large cases, the choice of coarse wool with a grinding disc (4μm); moderate scratches can be used coarse sponge ball with the abrasive (2μm); fine scratches can choose fine sponge ball with fine Abrasive (0.8 μm), polishing operation.

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